Why Stoke on Trent College for Construction & Building Services?

The national and regional demand continues for Construction & Building services, with skilled tradespeople, surveyors and project managers needed to satisfy the local infrastructure projects. Stoke on Trent is also leading the way in renewable energy and the College has the first District Heat Academy in the country, developing skills for the growing need in sustainable solutions in building and energy services.

Whether you want to run your own business, work for yourself or be part of a major service provider in the industry, our strong network of manufacturers and employers means that you’ll learn with the latest equipment and practices, hear from employers and alumni, as well as gain plenty of hands-on experience within your course.

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Construction & Building Services at Stoke on Trent College

Construction Digital Academy

The College has recently invested in up-to-date technologies across the provision to introduce the latest generation of equipment to our students, giving them the skills that they require for employers today and in the future. 3-D scanning equipment along with Drones are changing the face of planning and design within Construction along with a number of other industries.

To ensure that homes are as energy-efficient as possible, thermal imaging can be used to check for heat loss. Ground-penetrating radar and cable avoidance equipment are used to improve the management, costing and safety of projects. Laser levels and measures can be used to ensure accuracy with measurement to comply with planning requirements. All of this is in addition to the traditional tools and equipment that we use across the courses in Construction at Stoke on Trent College

Construction & Building Services

From our purpose-built Technology Hub, modern workshops and specialist equipment, to our District Heat Network training facilities and virtual reality design tools, you’ll benefit from our sector-leading training and facilities.

As well as plenty of practical experience, site visits, talks and masterclasses from manufacturers, we also enter industry-standard competitions such as WorldSkills UK and Dulux, which are a great way to put your skills to the test. In recognition of our first-class facilities, we have also previously hosted the regional rounds of competitions such as Skillbuild.