Information for Parents

Here at Stoke on Trent College we are committed to our philosophy of a real education, which means giving every student the support needed for success. We work closely with parents and guardians every step of the way, from the time your young person is thinking of applying to the day they get their qualification and find the ideal job or go to university.

Work Experience

Work Experience placements are for College learners on full time Study Programmes. To ensure placements are meaningful and relevant they need to be planned, tracked and recorded for all learners.

Support for Students

Whilst we feel giving students the freedom to be individuals is very important, we offer a full range of support facilities to each and every student. These range from personal tutors and a careers service through to learning support and financial assistance.

Maths and English

Developing students’ maths and English skills is a key priority for Stoke on Trent College. All students will develop these skills regardless of their prior achievements.

Staying Safe Online – Parents Section

Know what your children are doing online and who they are talking to. Ask them to teach you to use any applications you have never used. Keeping the computer in a family room means that you can share your child’s online experience – and that they are less likely to act inappropriately (i.e. via webcam).


This page includes a series of questions that are commonly asked by parents and learners.

Parent Portal

We work closely with parents and carers every step of the way, from the time your young person is thinking...

Careers Information

Download our helpful guides to gain a better understanding of the career/education paths your young person can take.
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