Foundation degrees

Foundation degrees are designed in partnership with employers, and offered in conjunction with Staffordshire University. They equip you with skills and knowledge relevant to your employment; integrating academic and work-based learning and allowing you to learn alongside your existing job. However, you may also undertake a Foundation degree when returning to work, changing your career or as an alternative to a full degree course.

Full-time Foundation degrees are mostly completed within two years. All Foundation degrees offer a guaranteed progression route to at least one named Honours degree, which are available at Staffordshire University

Access to Higher Education

Access to Higher Education qualifications provide you with an ideal way of developing the skills necessary to progress to university, whilst studying subjects that are relevant to your chosen degree programme. Successful completion of the Access course will provide you with a nationally recognised qualification that is an alternative to the traditional qualifications required by universities.

Foundation Year

A Foundation Year is an extra year of study at the start of a university course. It allows students who don’t meet the normal entry requirements for a degree course to fill in the gaps and go on to study a full degree. Each Foundation Year is an integral part of a specific Honours degree which means once you have passed the Foundation Year you will progress directly onto Year 1 of the linked Honours degree.