Gas Engineer Training Courses from Stoke on Trent College

Whether you are an experienced gas engineer looking to renew your existing qualifications or are embarking on a career in the gas sector, our specialist ACS gas training courses are ideal for you.

We have over 70 years’ experience in running gas courses in our dedicated Gas Training Centre.

From initial accreditation to reassessment options, along with specialist units in Cookers, Heating and more.

Courses are available throughout the academic year.


PC8701D1AACS Gas Training (CCN1)£210.00
PC8703D1AACS Gas Training (CKR1)£210.00
PC8706D1AACS Gas Training (DAH1)£210.00
PC8708D1AACS Gas Training (MET1)£210.00
PC8704D1AACS Gas Training (HTR1)£210.00
PC8705D1AACS Gas Training (WAT1)£210.00
PC8312D1AEUK Gas Certification Scheme (ACS) – 4 Day Special£975.00
PC8306D1AEUK Gas Certification Scheme (ACS) – CKR1£230.00
PC8311D1AEUK Gas Certification Scheme (ACS) – DAH1£230.00
PC8315D1AEUK Gas Certification Scheme (ACS) – Electrical Safe Isolation£220.00
PC8301D1AEUK Gas Certification Scheme (ACS) – Gas Reassessment (includes CENWAT, CKR1 and HTR1)£985.00
PC8305D1AEUK Gas Certification Scheme (ACS) – HTR1£200.00
PC8310D1AEUK Gas Certification Scheme (ACS) – MET1£200.00
PC8313D1AEUK Gas Certification Scheme (ACS) – Resits£300.00
PC4178E1ALPG Gas Assessment (ACS)£490.00
PC4010D1BIntermediate Gas Award – Follow On Boiler Route£2,000.00
PC4010D1AIntermediate Gas Award – Initial Safety Route£2,000.00

We also offer a range of renewable technology courses, including Heat Pumps, Solar Domestic Hot Water Systems and much more! Click here for more information on these courses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gas Safe Register
The Gas Safe Register is the official list of gas businesses that are registered to work safely and legally on boilers, cookers, fires and all other gas appliances.

The registration body covers the whole of the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man and Guernsey.
They took over from CORGI as the gas registration body in Great Britain and Isle of Man on the 1st April 2009 and in Northern Ireland and Guernsey on the 1st April 2010.

By law, all gas engineers must be on the Gas Safe Register.

Gas Safe Register investigates reports of illegal and dangerous gas work.

The information they gather is then passed on to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), who have the power to prosecute.

Gas Safe Register regularly conducts public awareness campaigns to make gas consumers aware of the risks of unsafe or illegal gas work and carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning.
How to become Gas Safe
To get on the Gas Safe Register and earn your card, you must:

– Undertake an Accredited Certification Scheme (ACS) training & Assessment
– Complete an on-site portfolio of gas work
– Obtain a CCN1 qualification
– Register with Gas Safe Register

Once you have carried out the training, completed your portfolio and obtained a CCN1 qualification, you are free to apply with Gas Safe Register. It usually takes around 21 days for a CCN1 certificate to be issued.

Please note: A CCN1 certificate alone does not entitle you to legally work on gas. You must apply with Gas Safe Register first.
Is Gas Installation a good career choice?
The average salary for a Gas Engineer in the UK is £36,199, with the opportunity to be employed or self-employed within the industry.

Gas Engineers are in demand in the UK:

– 85% of UK homes are heated by natural gas.
– 46% of UK energy use is attributable to heating residential dwellings.

Gas engineers are ideally placed for the future installing the next technology – Heat Pumps, Hybrid, Hydrogen etc.

Heating and hot water will ALWAYS be required in domestic or commercial properties and competent Gas Engineers are required to install and maintain these appliances.