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  • Job related training and advice for adults seeking work in North Staffordshire.
  • We are a specialist college team dedicated to helping people to get the job they want.
  • We are based at Stoke on Trent College, Cauldon Campus where we have a team of advisers and training facilities especially for adults who are looking for work or to improve their skills.
  • We link with local Job Centre Plus to run Sector Based Work Academies that provide sector specific training, placement and guaranteed interviews with local employers
  • Stoke on Trent College has links to major employers and a wide range of job-related training.

The job that suits you

We’re here to help you find the job that suits you. You don’t need to have experience or qualifications, nor do you need to know precisely what you want to do. If you know which direction to take then we’ll help you get there…but if you’re uncertain our advisers will help you to decide and advise you of the local employment options and opportunities.

We have been helping adults into work for over 15 years, and our advisers are experienced in providing our clients with the right skills and opportunities to progress them into work or further education.

Our courses

We offer courses in many work-related areas including:

Read about Sanda’s journey with us

Sanda enrolled on an Ace IT course in September 2023 with Skills for Employment at Stoke on Trent College. After excelling at the course Sanda quickly progressed onto a Business Administration course. Although not a newcomer to IT Sanda has been able to develop her IT skills and confidence further. Having come to England in 2010 and initially settling in London, Sanda moved to Stoke in 2018 and, in her own words “it changed my life”, a move she has never regretted. When arriving in Stoke, Sanda gained employment as a packer in a warehouse with DSV, but was made redundant as a result of the pandemic. Sanda then gained employment at the Thistley Hough Academy where she has worked in the school canteen and then she took on a second job as a cleaner at the Academy.

Sanda knew she was capable of much more and as a result of improving her knowledge, skills and confidence with Stoke on Trent College was invited by the head of Thistley Hough Academy to apply for a position within the administration team. Sanda’s hard work, dedication and newfound skills and confidence paid off and she was successful at the interview and was awarded with a new job as Administration Assistant.

When Sanda started the position it was a totally new role and there have been many new processes and practices to learn, before becoming an effective member of the reception team. As one of four reception staff, Sanda’s full-time role requires her to challenge late students, take calls from parents and contact teachers via email about parents evenings. With over 1,000 children at the school there is never a dull moment at reception and the work is very diverse. Sanda is looking forward to 2024 as there are opportunities for CPD and there is so much for her to learn. 2024 promises to be a very exciting year, all made possible through the courses she completed with Skills for Employment in 2023.

Sanda Chirila, Stoke on Trent College student.

Sanda said “Both courses have enabled me to improve my English which is important as I originate from Romania. I am really looking forward to starting my new job and am excited for my future”.

Sanda Chirila

Stoke on Trent College student

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