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GCSE Exams – Autumn 2022

GCSE exams will be taking place w/c 31st October.  All vocational learning arrangements for the week will have been confirmed to the learners by the tutors but if there are any queries, please contact your personal tutor. 

Any learners taking their exams during that week will have received an email to their college account to confirm the dates and times and provide details of the exam room they will be in.  Learners will also receive a text message next week.

Exams taking place are:

31st October English Language Paper 1

1st November Maths Paper 1

2nd November English Paper 2

3rd November Maths Paper 2

7th November Maths Paper 3


 We wish all our learners sitting these exams good luck and wish them every success!

 Exam revision sessions for 16-18s are being offered after each exam.

GCSE Maths revision sessions from 1pm – 4pm on 1st November, 2nd November and 3rd November.

These are being run on both campuses. In A35 at Burslem and H205 at Cauldon.

If you have any worries or concerns about the exams, please speak to your tutor or mentor so that we can provide you with any support you need.


Below are some important details regarding your GCSE Examinations due to take place in the coming weeks. Please ensure that you arrive at least 45 minutes (8:45am) before each exam is due to start.


Where do I need to report to?

If your exam is at our Cauldon Campus, please report to Canteen area, in our Lifestyle Building to register your attendance, you will then be given further guidance, ready for your exam and details on how to find your room.

If your exam is at our Burslem Campus, please report to the Reception area to register your attendance, you will then be given further guidance, ready for your exam and details on how to find your room.

What do I need to bring?

  • College ID Badge
  • Stationery
    • For English Exams: Black ball point pen; Highlighter
    • For Maths Exams: Black ball point pen; Pencil; Eraser; Ruler; Highlighter; Compass; Protractor; Scientific calculator (3rd November & 7th November only)

Please note that limited supplies of equipment will be available from College if you forget anything.

Top Tips

  • Mobile Phones or other devices
    • You must NOT take a mobile phone, watch, iPod or similar device into the exam room. Please ensure Mobile Phones are switched off (not on silent) before you get to your exam room and placed in your bag.
  • Pencil Cases
    • You can take a pencil case into your exam with you, however, these must be clear/see-through.
  • Drinks
    • You are allowed to bring a drink into the exam with you, however, this must be clear or have any labels removed
  • During the Exam
    • Always listen to your invigilator and follow their instructions
    • Raise your hand if you need to speak with the invigilator, do not shout out
    • Do tell the invigilator if you have any concerns or queries with your exam

Please note, you will still be required to attend your English and/or maths sessions starting again from 8th November, until you receive your results in January.


October 31, 2022 @ 8:00 am
November 7, 2022 @ 5:00 pm