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Payment Methods We will accept payment of fees by any of the following methods: All learners intending to pay their fees with an Advanced Learning Loan or HE loans but […]

Last updated: 26 January, 2024

Payment Methods

We will accept payment of fees by any of the following methods:

  • Cash
  • Credit/Debit Card (not American Express)
  • Direct Debit

All learners intending to pay their fees with an Advanced Learning Loan or HE loans but who are unable to provide evidence of either an approved loan or a loan application at the time of enrolment are required to complete a Direct Debit agreement. No collections will be made under any such agreements prior to December 2023 and only then if no evidence of a loan has been provided / is available. No deposit will be payable at the point of enrolment in respect of these categories of learners.

No learner will be registered with an examining body if the fee has not been paid or instalment payments have not been maintained.


Payment Plans

Payment is accepted in instalments for courses lasting at least one term (normally 12 weeks) and when the total fees total £100 or more. Note that instalments are a method of paying the fee which is due and thus all instalments must therefore be paid even if you leave the course early. Learners eligible to pay by instalments can split the fee as follows:

Level of fee payable


(excluding learners funded by Advanced Learning Loans or HE loans)

Number of instalments
£100 – £499Four equal instalments
£500 or more£100 deposit with up to eight equal instalments (subject to course duration)

The first of the equal instalments on fees up to £499 must be paid at enrolment, the balance to be paid by Direct Debit. Payment plans of more than four instalments (including any deposit) may be arranged over the course duration. Failure to pay a Direct Debit will result in the whole of any outstanding fees becoming immediately payable.

Higher Education Students

Full-time and part-time Higher Education students are able to apply for tuition fee loans. Full-time students may also be eligible for a maintenance loans, depending upon circumstances.

For more information visit or see the quick guide on the Student Finance Website

Or contact us on 01782 603634.

Further details can also be found on our Fees and Funding page – click for details.

Where payment of fees is to be made by an employer or sponsor, the College requires a letter on company letterhead confirming that the course fees will be paid upon invoice, providing an address to which the invoice should be sent. Invoices are payable within 21 days and the learner remains liable for the fees until payment is made by the employer or sponsor. A template for a purchase order (for small businesses who may not have an official purchase order system) can be found on the College website.

Fees remain payable in full irrespective of the period that the learner attends or remains in employed by the company.

Advanced Learning Loans

These loans are available to meet the tuition costs of selected Level 3 to 6 qualifications.  Loans are not means tested, be subject to credit checks or employment status.  You won’t have to pay anything back until you are earning over £25,000 and the loan will be written off after 40 years.  More information can be found on our Advanced Learning Loans page.

Refund of fees

Where a course fails to recruit sufficient learners to run, or is closed by the College all fees paid shall be refunded. If a satisfactory alternative has been found for the learner, the fees will not be refunded.

Should a learner decide to cancel their place on a course prior to its commencement, they should notify the College by writing to the Head of Finance. If this letter is received by the College prior to the course commencement date a full refund will be made.

General refunds – either in full or in part – will otherwise only be made in exceptional circumstances. Application for refunds should be addressed to the Chief Financial Officer and emailed to for consideration on a case-by-case basis as per the Fees and Remission Policy 2023-24.

The College reserves the right to refer any unpaid fees and additional costs incurred to our debt collection agent.

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