Away from the pitch, there has been something a little different for several members of the Potters’ under-18 squad to tackle over the past month.

In partnership with Stoke-on-Trent College, the young City players have been getting their teeth into a series of training sessions in the kitchen, learning how to rustle up a variety of dishes.

The most recent lesson saw an aroma of herbs and spices fill the kitchen as the squad were taught how to cook spiced lamb koftas in homemade flatbread, with red cabbage slaw and a mint and lemon yoghurt.

Cooking up a storm!

“It’s an eight week programme. They’ve already tackled the likes of risotto, mussels, and a chorizo and chicken dish.

“It all forms part of what we call the Life Skills programme, so along with their formal education, we like to do different activities with them outside of that too.”

Greg Briggs, Clubs Head of Education & Life Skills

Within the wider programme, the young Potters are taught a wide range of skills, ranging from gardening to driving, and addiction awareness to financial capability.

“The cookery sessions are quite an important aspect of the programme, where they pick up the skills they’re going to need throughout their lives.

“We also bring in a variety of guest speakers at Clayton Wood, and the aim really is to just add as much as we can to their programme off the pitch.”

Left-back Jake Cartwright is one particular member of the squad who is feeling the benefit of the new skills he is able to pick up in the kitchen.

“It’s really enjoyable. It’s great to learn new skills, and we have a lot of spare time, so it’s good to get out here and do something a bit different.

“It will help a lot for the future. When we grow up, having these kitchen skills will really mean something. It’s great for the mind to be taken off football at times, and help relieve stress. It helps in loads of ways.”

Jake Cartwright, Squad Member
Lamb Koftas in Homemade Flatbread.
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November 30, 2021 9:20 am