Attract, reward and invest in our people, valuing their contribution as part of a professional, skilled and adaptable team to drive our ambition for excellence.


We will invest in our colleagues to ensure that we can attract, retain and develop our teams to be even better and to create impact that is second-to-none.


Our people are the heartbeat of our College and are central to our mission, ethos and brand. Guided by our values set by our colleagues and learners, we wish to listen and act on feedback, and grow our ‘One Team’ culture and a fully engaged workforce. Growing our capacity to learn about the ever-changing technical skills of the future will be a central part of our strategy for professional development. We want to encourage collaboration, development of new approaches and ideas, and to enable teams to innovate and adapt to new challenges.

Strategy In Action

We will:

  • Develop, promote and embed a ‘One Team’ culture at all levels
  • Ensure teaching and support staff have immersion and exposure to industry through our network of partners, and are supported by expert employer panels and review
  • Build a strong community of practice in frontline and support services through sharing and growing expertise, including with other education providers, research partners and employers